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Zoom Classes
Soccer Skills & Drills
Ages: 4-8yrs (Videos will have options for all ages skill levels)
It’s time to get outside and work those soccer muscles! Our soccer coaches will
keep your child moving and improving the entire e-clinic. Each week will be new
skill building games and drills created to be taught and played individually or can
be done with siblings and parents. Individual attention will make sure every
player in 5 Star Soccer Skills & Drills improves and has a great time. When the
session is over, the coach will answer any questions the players or parents may
have. The only equipment you need is a soccer ball, cones or a few items to use
similarly and a goal or a target. If you take the clinic and need any of these things,
5 Star can drop them off for you to use for the classes for an extra fee.

Stay Active
Ages: 6-11yrs (Videos will have options for all ages and skill levels)
With the quarantine keeping us at home, we have developed a program to play
hard and move fast. We plan to bring out the best athlete in every participant. We
are bringing drills that the kids can do way after the Zoom Meeting is over. With 5
Star fun is always the number one focus but we also have developed a game plan
to maximize athletic performance. Before each class, the coach will send every
athlete a list of things they should try and grab. The lists will be small, and many
alternatives can be used or even not needed. Our added personalized zoom
meeting will give the ability for our coach to track your child’s progress.

T-ball/Baseball Skills & Drills (Videos will have options for all ages and skill
Ages: 3-7yrs
Our baseball coaches have been idle too long. They developed this e-clinic and
begged us to option it out. They impressed us with their mix of fun and skill
building games. Throwing, fielding, running and hitting will all be covered. Give
your child the competitive advantage once the season finally starts by having
them be the most ready and most in game shape. All your child will need is a
glove, a few balls and a tee. If they do not have any of this equipment 5 Star can
rent them to you for the duration of the program with a porch drop off for a small
extra fee. Our once a week zoom meeting will keep it personalized and give the
ability to make sure your child is improving.

“Chris and his team of experienced coaches are great role models for the children they work with. My son has been a part of their baseball program for the past two years and loves it!”

Cindy Randleson

“My two children have never had a better experience! They not only had fun, but I feel my kids will be more confident when school sports start. I highly recommend 5 Star Sport’s camps!”

Steven Burswin

Chris was able to get my child into the basketball program on the day the program started! He was very accommodating and made my son’s winter!

Sharon Hermes